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Stabilization of retaining walls and slopes with anchor technology.

Anchors are structural elements with the property to transfer tensile forces from deep lying rock or soil layer, to the retaining structures.

The application of the anchorage systems, with wires or steel rods has evolved in the same way as the technology of the reinforced concrete and the pre-stressed concrete.

The main functions of the anchors are:
• Anchoring of retaining walls made of diaphragm, piles, sheet piles Berliner walls into deep layers
• Transfer of tensile forces into deeper layers
• Anchoring of underwater structures like jet grouting, underwater concrete or reinforced concrete slabs against hydraulic uplift
• Ensure the stability of buildings or structures that are located on unstable slopes
• Improve the stability of slopes and embankments
• Pre-stress Rock formations or structures made of reinforced concrete

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